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Velvet at schools: How to write (about history) at Wikipedia?

Student of secondary schools and second grades of primary schools now have the opportunity to learn in a 90-minute workshop how (not only) history is actually written on Wikipedia.

The seminar is in full-time and online form is being promoted since the autumn of 2020 as part of the Velvet in Schools offer on the basis of wider cooperation between Post bellum and Wikimedia ČR.

There are only two types of resources, good and bad. Wikipedia, like any other encyclopedia, is a tertiary source, a kind of signpost that brings readers to secondary and primary sources. But how does it really work on Wikipedia? Who monitors its quality? Can anyone write anything there? Can I write something there, as a student? How to write your track on Wikipedia indelibly? What if different historical events have different interpretations? What would Gustáv Husák write about himself? And what would Václav Havel write about him?

More about the offer of our seminar here. Order through the Velvet in Schools website.


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