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Our Structure

Wikimedia Czech Republic is an association whose members, employees and volunteers cooperate on the development of Czech Wikipedia and its sister projects and who are interested in and contribute to the spread of free creation.


Based on its statutes, the main body of the association is the General Assembly (the meeting and deliberation of all of the association’s members), habitually being held once a year. The Council headed by the chairman supervises the activities of the association between General Assemblies.

Michal Reiter


Martin Urbanec

vice chairman

Jan Loužek


Jan Groh


Jiří Sedláček


Jiří Dlouhý


Tadeáš Bednarz


Revision comMittee

The Revision Committee is a three-member control body of the association elected by the General Assembly. Its responsibilities include, for example, the interpretation of the association’s regulations between General Assembly, approval of the results of inventories or submitting a proposal for approval of the Annual Report.

Josef Klamo


Vojtěch Dostál


Michal Staša


team of employees

The projects and objectives are realized by the team of employees headed by the Executive Director. The association cooperates with a number of external workers, volunteers and active members who support its operation and carry out partial activities.

Klára Joklová

Executive Director

Hynek Kaplan

PR & Fundraising Specialist

Markéta Nádeníková

Administrative & Back office Assistant

Lucie Schubert

Educational Programs Manager
Programs for Community Manager

Jan Sýkora

Educational Programs Coordinator

Pavel Bednařík

Chief Trainer
Programs for Partnerships Manager

Richard Sekerák

Programs for Photographers Coordinator

Jan Beránek

Programs for Editors Coordinator

Vlastmil Slovák

Advocacy Coordinator

○ Operations Team
○ Educational Programs Team
Programs for Community Team
○ Programs for Partherships Team

currently has 9 employees,
with a total of approximately
4.0 full-time employees,
working in a total of 4 teams.