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The “Výzva 63 000” editaton is over

Výzva 63000

The “Výzva 63 000” editaton is over. The evaluation of the best three competitors is as follows:

  1. User:Ben Skála: 406
  2. User:Jedudedek: 402
  3. User:Sapfan: 334

Purely in December, 3653 records were connected. Due to inaccuracies in the download of statistics, another 128 were linked in November and are included in the competition. At the same time, 9 previously linked items were disconnected. From about 63000 (recorded at the beginning of 62532) items to link, we got to about 49284 items. This means that out of 13248 total processed, we connected 3781, which is 28.64% success rate. More detailed statistics can be found here. Thanks for your help in connecting and participating. Winners will be rewarded.


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