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EDU Section met the lecturers

On Sunday, 15 May, an online lecturer’s meeting was held, attended by the Wikimedia CZ Education Section and lecturers of educational courses, workshops and other educational activities.

Originally, it was to be a regular “larger” meeting with our lecturers, which usually takes place twice a year and of course physically. Eventually the idea of an offline meeting was dropped, but fortunately there were enough lecturers to at least have an online meeting.

Despite the smaller number of people, the discussion was very lively. At key points, all present actively participated in the discussion, which greatly facilitated not only the course of the whole meeting but especially the future development of the whole EDU section, especially the relationship between Wikimedia CR and the lecturers.

The main topics of the meeting were mainly Wikiporadna and the practicalities of running Wikipedia courses and other events.


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