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Wikimedians visited and discovered treasures and hard work of State Regional Archive in Prague

The long-term cooperation and partnership with the State Regional Archive in Prague has its concrete results, which were also reflected in the presentation of the activities of this institution during the spring and summer of this year. The imaginary highlight was an excursion to the headquarters of this institution, during which the visitors from the ranks of Wikipedians got acquainted not only with the conditions of preservation of collections, but also with concrete examples and the demanding work of archivists and restorers, which takes place in often difficult conditions. The participants saw the shelves with archived collections, the restoration workplace, as well as the scanning workshop, where several hundred pages of historical books and prints are scanned every day. A photo gallery of the excursion is available on Wikimedia Commons.

Photo: Gampe – Own Work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Via Wikimedia Commons


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