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Get the title of the photographer who uploaded the best photo on Wikimedia Commons.

Upload your photos in our Czech Wiki Photo competition for the best images of the year uploaded to  Wikimedia Commons. The most successful photographs will be presented as part of the planned Czech Wiki Photo 2021 exhibition. In January 2022, an exhibition will take place at the Prague Scout Institute. You have a great chance to show people what you can do! The competition runs until 31 October 2021.

Uploaded photos shall thematically suit at least one of the following categories:

  • Nature
  • Company and events
  • Created by man (architecture, technology, art, etc.)
  • Man (photos whose main object is man)

The best photographs will be decided by the jury and by the public in parallel. If you’re not a  non-compete, you’ll be able to vote for the photos you like the most in November.

More detailed information  and  rules can be found  here.

Barokní sochy v Růžové zahradě děčínského zámku (