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Wikipedia and its role in the current information jungle in Zlín

On Wednesday, 15 June, a seminar for staff of professional libraries of the Zlín Region took place at the František Bartos Regional Library in Zlín.

The busy programme also included Wikipedia, or rather Lucie Schubert and Pavel Bednařík with their presentation “Wikipedia and its role in the information jungle of today“. This contribution was supported by the OSF Foundation.

A big plus of the event was the large participation of librarians. To quote the speakers: “We have never seen so many librarians together before.” The contribution of Wikimedia ČR thus reached a large part of the target group of librarians.

During the day, librarians witnessed presentations of a number of progressive library projects aimed at a range of target groups.

At the same time, the Zlín side expressed interest in building on previous cooperation. However, this is not all, because other libraries also expressed interest in cooperation.

Last but not least, our long-term view of Zlín and its library facilities was confirmed – namely that there is great infrastructure and great potential!


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