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Wikipedia and teaching at VŠCHT

One of the places to look for new Wikipedians who are also – at least future – experts in their field is inevitably universities. That’s where our efforts go, too, and we appreciate any new collaborations that come up in such places. The cooperation that has been going on for several years is even better.

Such is also the cooperation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, where in the course “Animal cell cultures and their applications” the students of the first year of master’s studies had the task to extend, update or create an encyclopaedic article on a topic related to the subject.

Editing Wikipedia became one of the tasks in the course, in which practically all students participated. For the teachers, the most important thing was to give the participants a glimpse into the functioning of Wikipedia. One of the lecturers of Wikimedia ČR – Jaro “Gampe” Zastoupil – was to help her in this. Last year he assisted the lecturer Dr. Tereza Leonhardt and this year Dr. Eva Jablonska.

Eight new articles in the Czech language were created and four articles were expanded. These were mainly articles on cell lines (one of them was even accompanied by the student’s own microscopic images) and the article on artificial meat was extended.

The original text on which the article was based was provided by Dr. Eva Jablonská, a lecturer at the VŠCHT.


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