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How was the second challenge #1Lib1Ref in 2023?

From 15 May to 1 June 2023, there was another global call for librarians. The #1Lib1Ref challenge aims to improve the content of Wikipedia articles by adding references to individual texts.

1Lib1Ref is running in all countries around the world to encourage librarians to contribute at least one reference to existing articles, following the example of encyclopedists. On the Czech Wikipedia, a total of 15 users participated and edited a total of 88 references.

The winners of this year’s second challenge are:

  1. TheSubterranean
  2. Barka Horáková
  3. Milu.vopa
  4. SlamLenka
  5. LibrarianFox

We would like to thank and congratulate all the participating editors.

The next #1Lib1Ref challenge will take place in 2024.


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