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Take pictures before they tear them down!

Until April 7, you can participate in the Endangered Building Photo Contest. The aim of this competition is to document buildings that are at risk of demolition and this may be the last chance to photograph them.

We will reward two winners. Everyone who participates will receive a virtual “medal” from us (A user award created just for this event.). More information, including the rules, can be found on the Microcompetition Endangered buildings.


Authors of the photos in the collage:
Photo: Prague-Vyšehrad railway station 1.jpg, author: VitVit
Photo: Praha Vrsovice Kodanska 46: Chemapol b.jpg, author: JiriMatejicek
Photo: Stará Mosilana Brno industry BHO-135745.jpg, author: Bernhard Holub
Photo: Railway bridge prague 2014.jpg, author: PetrS.


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