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Wikipedians on the move: Zlatá Koruna

Our senior Wikipedians from České Budějovice, participants of the SePW and Commons courses, took a 5km walk from the train station in Zlatá Koruna through the village of Zlatou Koruna to the Zlatou Koruna monastery, where we visited the professional workplace of the South Bohemian Research Library. The excursion to these premises was arranged by the wikipedian Kvetinka48, our guide was the historian Jindřich Špinar. After the tour, the Wikipedians continued to Rájov, where they visited the cemetery with a war memorial to Czech and Hungarian partisans. The memorial is a cultural monument. Every year in May, a commemorative event is held here to honour the victims of World War II, with the participation of the representation of the Republic of Hungary. The trip was attended by 7 people, we travelled there by train from České Budějovice and back by bus from Rájov. The trip was also a practical demonstration of what can be photographed in Commnos, we used Wikinity to search for missing photos. The overall organization was provided by Anaj7, photos of the participants are shown here.

Author of the picture: Anaj7 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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