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Students at Charles University wrote articles during academic course

In the summer semester 2023/2024, the first ever Writing Wikipedia – Wikipedia Media Literacy course took place at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship (UISK) at Charles University in Prague. The great interest in this course, guaranteed by assistant professor Pavlina Kolinova, exceeded the expectations of the organizers and therefore its capacity was promptly increased. The aim of the elective course was to introduce students to the principles and rules of contributing to Wikipedia, but also to start new articles in the field of media education or librarianship. A number of entries were created that touch on the work of libraries, such as a profile of the initiator of the introduction of digital search tools, Ms. Marie Balikova, or an article on the library discovery system. In the area of media education, there were articles on the information bubble, information studies theorist Christine L. Borgman, Zvol si info NGO, the rabbit hole phenomenon and the gender digital divide. Some students chose to expand on existing articles. Among the most striking examples is the significant extension of Alice Valiula’s article on satire or Stanislav Polishchuk’s article on deep fake . Based on the interest of the department and Wikimedia CR representatives, the course will be offered again in the summer semester 2024/2025.


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