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Thanks to the editathon at Czech Radio Brno, 80 articles were created and edited

Czech Radio will celebrate its centenary this year. Eight Wikipedians from Moravia gathered on Saturday 15th April in its Brno branch, where they wrote, photographed and recorded as part of a thematic editathon supported by our Community minigrant.

They drew information and inspiration from the literature provided, as well as during guided tours of the building and meetings with the presenters and their guests. Ten new encyclopedic articles were created and about 70 others were edited, not only in the Czech Wikipedia but also in Esperanto – Brno Radio used to broadcast in this language in the past, and the Brno Esperantist Miroslav Malovec, who once founded the Czech Wikipedia by translating it from Esperanto, honoured the editathon with his participation.

Hundreds of photographs were taken of the interior, documents, people, as well as the view of Brno from the roof of the radio building. And because we were at the radio station, we also made the first ever Czech contributions to the international initiative Voice Intro Project – samples of the voices of prominent personalities. Soon you will be able to listen to the greeting of Borek Kapitanczyk in the Brno hantec on Wikipedia.

PHOTO: Dominik Matus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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