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How did the first challenge of this year #1Lib1Ref turn out?

From 15 January to 5 February 2024, another global challenge for librarians (and not only) took place. The #1Lib1Ref challenge aims to improve the content of Wikipedia articles by adding references to individual entries.

1Lib1Ref is running in all countries around the world to encourage librarians to follow the example of encyclopaedists by contributing at least one reference to existing articles. On the Czech Wikipedia, a total of 13 users participated this time, and they edited a total of 171 references. Every user who participated also took home a prize!

Among the articles where references were added are, for example, the entry on Cyril and Methodius or the left-handedness.

The following users were selected from among the participants of this year’s first challenge, who will also take home small prizes from the competition:

  1. Aktron
  3. The Subterranean
  4. Meloun1212
  5. Mojmir Churavy

Many thanks to all the participating editors and congratulations to the winners.

The next #1Lib1Ref challenge will run from May 15 to June 5, 20


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